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Sound like I am making excuses - I have the F18 gearbox and pot flywheel. Both of these mean that it is a box off job. Pah!! And it makes sense that if the box is coming off, then I may as well fit a full clutch kit at the same time. Alas the clutch has only done 32,000 miles in the 5 or 6 years si...

Nice idea Gary... Sadly the funds have been beaten into submission, so for now I will just have to persevere and build up the muscles in my left leg. It will get there in due course. It will, I know my clutch used to be an absolute git before I took it out of k109xdb and chucked it in fogs when the...

Hydraulic clutch assembly time :scratch :thumb

cavalier1990 wrote:
Envoy CDX wrote:Sounds pretty cool - that panel arrived yet?

It did cheers mate

Fantastic! Can't wait to see it all fitted :D

Sounds pretty cool - that panel arrived yet?

Sounds potentially expensive going foward, that or time to start cleaning some contacts.
Least for the moment it's sorted.

Hopefully things are looking up and it was just a simple fix Rob?

I got pull cord from bnq and its really flexible but stiff enough to allow you to feed cables pretty much anywhere. Sounds like your're getting there.

Re: Aligning the slam panel

by Envoy CDX ¦ Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:54 pm ¦ Forum: Faults and Fixes: Bodywork and Interior ¦ Topic: Aligning the slam panel ¦ Replies: 4 ¦ Views: 119

Measure, and measure again. Get yourself some clamps too, they will help alot. I have the book figures somewhere for the measurements somwhere, but do not cut out the old slam panel until you have it as straight as you can get it. Otherwise you're going to have a nightmare on your hands trying to ge...

I had massive issues with my clutch after putting halfords box oil in it much similar as to what you're describing to be honest Rob, so a good flush through and new GM oil could cure a fair bit of those issues. The pivot arm for the clutch fork is another place I would look at, specifically where it...

All progression Rob, how's that clutch now? Or have you developed calves like Arnie?

cavalier1990 wrote:
Got another PM for you mate

Replied, ta muchly.

Remind me to send those plugs Rob! Sorry, I forgot the other day.

And a less obvious observation was that my car has a big yellow connector for a factory fit alarm. My connector has a cap on it. [ Image ] Within the cap is a bridging piece that shorts two pins. (I won't advise on a public page, which two pins are shorted together). With the cap removed, the car w...

Robsey wrote:Easy on the woohoo, at least until I know that there are no more hiccups.

The cav appears to be cursed, and throwing out problems at every turn.

Cos you've dragged it out of retirement kicking and screaming :thumb

Re: Value of a restored Cavalier.

by Envoy CDX ¦ Tue Feb 07, 2017 7:06 am ¦ Forum: General Chat ¦ Topic: Value of a restored Cavalier. ¦ Replies: 9 ¦ Views: 197

Late to the party again...

Rob, you need to go and see someone about getting an agreed valuation on this. Last thing you want is the worst happening and they only pay out xyz.

Fingers crossed Rob :)

cavalier1990 wrote:
Envoy CDX wrote:Aye. I know what you mean. Still I will get there, just don't want to have to go back and redo bits I didn't fully consider previously.

Hi Envoy not sure if you got my PM mate?

Just got it and replied- cheers. I must have PM notifications turned off :/

dust preferred to rust..

Looking very nice indeed Rob.
Ping me a link to those arms and bits please :D

Re: Cup holder mod

by Envoy CDX ¦ Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:23 am ¦ Forum: Projects, Restorations and Runabouts ¦ Topic: Cup holder mod ¦ Replies: 9 ¦ Views: 265

I'm assuming you're using a 5.25" drive bay cover? I'd be tempted to use two cut to fit and plastic welded from the back using a v groove and a peice of mechano or something simular to strengthen (plastic weld through the holes). The front I would be hoping to not have too much to finish off wh...

Lol aye welds never look pretty unless you are welding two nice panels of equal thickness together on a straight line with correct ampage. Actually the welder I have only has high and low setting 45/90 Amp which makes it a pig to weld very thin car steel. This is quite a new welder and doesn't seem...

Nice bit of progress there. Do you use gas when welding, or is it gas-less? It's gasless Envoy using flux cored wire, although I would prefer to go back to a gas bottle machine, as you get much better welds. Can it be converted? As you say, you will get much better welds. Not that I am slating your...

Re: Cup holder mod

by Envoy CDX ¦ Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:11 pm ¦ Forum: Projects, Restorations and Runabouts ¦ Topic: Cup holder mod ¦ Replies: 9 ¦ Views: 265

Pretty damn funky!
Hmmm, where to put it.

Nice bit of progress there.
Do you use gas when welding, or is it gas-less?