Information relating to the Mk3 Cavalier's achievements in competitive motorsport
#153494 by humbucker
Tue Nov 03, 2015 7:31 pm
This was the first of three 'season end' shootouts organised by Alan Gow's TOCA, which offered a £12,000 prize to the winning driver. That was a lot of money back in '92 (it's still a fair wedge now!).

The concept was unique for its time insofar as the fastest drivers started at the back of the grid, with the slowest at the front. Safety car periods were introduced during the race (in order to bunch up the field) and black flags were waved at the last driver in the pack at various points in order to reduce the number of competitors. This novel method of eliminating participants was also intended to encourage drivers to race and overtake.

The video below demonstrates absolutely thrilling Mk3 Vauxhall Cavalier action thanks to star drivers, Jeff Allam, John Cleland and David Leslie. This footage serves also to remind us just how capable the GSi was in the British Touring Car Championship in the first half of the 1990s. Awesome bumper-to-bumper racing at its best. Enjoy!


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