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#162492 by Robsey
Sun May 14, 2017 9:59 am
This thread refers to the Post in this link

This is where you can discuss the strange factory codes that are mainly listed on the coloured plate rivetted to the slam panel near the bonnet catch.

If you see codes on your plate that are not listed, or would like more info on your particular car...

You can -

1 - Post up the three alpha-numeric codes that you are querying here.


2 - Send your vehicle identification number (VIN) to me via Private Message. (PM).

To be honest if your VIN is recognised by EPC4, it will probably also be recognised by Ecat24.
So you could try entering your VIN in the box on the Ecat24 website.
When you do, it should give you the full listing for your car.

I should also advise that not all VINs can be decoded - I use EPC4 buy anyone can use Ecat24.

I recently listed out all 5 of James McGrath's Cavaliers.
Only 3 turned up full listings.
1 gave engine code only
And 1 was not recognised at all.

But fear not - using option 1 will still allow me to obtain the information you require.

I hope that helps

Rob :ugeek:
#162500 by Robsey
Sun May 14, 2017 11:03 pm
I have found spec lists for some more cars, so the list has now been updated.

Current codes include -
16SV, 20SEH, C18NZ, C20NE, C20XE, C20XEV and C25XE engines
Expression, L, LS, GLS, SRI, CD / CDX, Diplomat and GSi 2000 models.

Cannot seem to find anything for 1.4 and 1.8 carb nor 20NE, C16NZ and C16NZ2 injection engines, nor Envoy, Classis and Cesaro models at present.

So still work in progress.

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