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#163531 by ilovedmymantas
Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:38 am
I ordered an unspecified ( cheap) rear silencer online. ( can you guess where I bought It? :lol: )
What arrived, in a box with no strapping, was a euroflo part. I noticed the first problem straight away. The flare on the tailpipe didn't look the same as the illustration. It was a shape I've never seen on a cav before :?
The ad showed this image ( very similar to the euroflo parts catalogue :scratch )


This is what arrived, verified correct part by reg.


The second problem was the welding- if it is even welding.To be honest I'm not sure. Just looks like painted putty to me!
I apprenticed as a welder in the last century :lol: and haven't done it for decades but I reckon I could do better after a couple of hours practice.

On their website they keep mentioning quality but I'm not seeing much at all.
I contacted them thinking I was doing them a favour telling them I thought their 'quality' parts were being copied, I got no reply.
You can't email them directly, only through online contact ( so no messages saved in your email)
They've no presence in social media sites e.g. facebook.
Very mysterious

Having seen the so called quality first-hand, and done extensive research, I can safely say I will make sure I never have a euroflo part on my car

Strangely, when I stated the return reason as 'doesn't seem authentic' the seller accepted the return immediately, maybe he's ashamed of the quality!
#163541 by Cavalier342
Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:01 pm
I used to use cats direct, but I can't find the website now, maybe they've changed name or stopped selling. Never had a problem with them, used them on several occasions.
#163548 by ilovedmymantas
Wed Jul 19, 2017 1:39 am
James McGrath wrote:Thanks for the heads up.

Glad that you managed to send it back.

I like to stick to Bosal or original GM parts if I can get hold of them.

What bothers me most is fast-fit places use this brand and people on a low budget will choose it.
My straw poll of several forums says failure of back-box at about 18 months.
I count myself incredibly lucky my local fitter couldn't get the euroflo downpipe and upgraded me to a klarius at the same price :D.
I looked at Bosal and Walker first but I couldn't find them under £200 and I'm not paying that for back-box!
I decided on a Klarius, half the price then discounted 35% - It would have been daft not to, and it also looks oem shaped.
Can't tell yet though. Ordered Friday along with a clamp. Got dhl tracking details, estimated delivery Monday.
Monday I stay in all day to receive a clamp. No idea when exhaust's going to arrive and I need it before Monday :roll:
#163572 by Cabletwitch
Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:37 am
Yep, looks like the amazing quality I got when I bought Euroflo crap too. Oddly, the back box IS a Bosal, which surprised me, looks quite similar to yours. The midpipe and CAT unit are Euro though, and fart worse than the leaky pipe they replaced. Something ain't right, and although it's quietened down a bit through use (and rust and other crap sealing the myriad small gaps left in the wonderfully... 'rustic' construction), I'm seriously looking to swapo it out for something better.

Worst case scenario, I was planning to go nuts on the boxes with sealant and/or tape, see if that makes things quieter. If you're there at the next Southern Meet, you'll hear this mess first hand!
#163589 by ilovedmymantas
Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:32 am
Rustic construction is a great term :lol:
Exhaust arrived by dhl on thursday in a thick poly bag.
Good idea really in my mind, easier for couriers to handle appropriately when they can see what it is?

First impressions- better.
The Klarius is stickered and stamped


-It's also a better shape and pressed rather than rolled


Tailpipe's going to take a little getting used to. Never had one like this before but It's growing on me


The welding is not great but ok, the hangers are heavy duty (though I've never known a hanger to rot except at the weld!)

A quick spray of the tailpipe and welds/seams with VHT aluminium before fitting


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